Faida sasa 

​”If you see the possibility of making money and you tap into it with burning desire, backed with faith to make it a reality, nothing in this world can stop you from becoming rich.​ In likely manner, starting a business with a meager sum such as KES100 could seem ridiculous, but this same amount could make you a millionaire if you are able to do what it requires.
This investment of KES100 is capable of earning you more than you could ever dream of the likes will earn you. In the final stage, you will earn yourself more than 2 million. This could happen in less than a year if you are not selfish and lazy”. 

Their flexible commission makes it possible for everyone to Make Money Online in Kenya and the world the easy way, this is the best Kenyan Home Based Business. You are required to make at least 5 sales, 5 people need to buy their success system through you by using your link or your username as their sponsor id on the registration page.

The best way to learn about FMI commission is to examine their graphical illustration below. Go ahead, check it out, read it patiently and familiarize yourself with their business structure. 

For one to participate, he /she must provide a subscription fee of KES 100 only. 

Now the 100 that you provide is your training fee but they have made it possible that the company can share its income with you 50/50. You earn as you Learn.

You are require to bring at least 5 people. You can start by joining with the link below. The link will take you to their site where they’ll illustrate the different levels that your tree will go into and respective commissions earned.


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